Embark on an immersive educational journey with our curated list of workshops and bootcamps at Aesthetic Next 5.0. By choosing to register for a workshop, you will gain the opportunity to elevate your skills, knowledge, and expertise. These courses encompass a dynamic blend of hands-on training, comprehensive clinical training, robust business coaching, and in-depth anatomy labs. You will find yourself in an intimate learning environment, fostering personalized guidance and enhanced interaction. Each course provides a deep dive into various specialized topics taught by globally recognized faculty who bring a wealth of wisdom, innovation, and experience to the table. Register now to fuel your pursuit of excellence in aesthetic medicine and take your education to the next level!


Take your injections to the next level! This course features live learning focused on the fundamentals of advanced aesthetic injections, this course is for providers who are looking to further increase their aesthetic knowledge, improve patient outcomes, gain a deeper understanding of safety, complication management, and who are looking for an unfiltered learning experience when it comes to off-label techniques and treatment areas.The course is led by master injectors, Dr. Gideon Kwok, DO and Lori Robertson, MSN, FNP-C. This program includes didactic lectures, live Q&A, hands-on experience stations, plus small-group training, all for the purpose of providing you with practical knowledge and techniques you can start implementing immediately.

After this one-day intensive hands-on training, you will be certified in the following Vampire® Procedures: Vampire Breast Lift® Vampire Face Lift® Vampire Facial® Vampire Wing Lift® Vampire Hair Restoration® O-shot® Priapus Shot® (P-shot) You will graduate from the Vampire® Series course and receive a certificate of completion from the Cellular Medicine Association. Attendees must have a TX license, compact license or have secured a temporary license to inject. Upon registration this information will be requested.

Join Dani and Dr. Stella for the first in its class ultrasound training course! It will cover in-depth ultrasound imaging fundamentals, beginner and advanced ultrasound applications, facial anatomy, and prevention and treatment of complications. The course will have an extensive hands-on component, dedicated to anatomical and vascular mapping, and ultrasound guided injections.

This hands-on workshop will focus specifically on enhancing your comfort level with variable dosing options and treatment for neuromodulator incobotulinumtoxinA. Trainees will work with a trainer in small groups to learn optimal techniques, inject models and receive valuable feedback. Attendees must have a TX license, compact license or have secured a temporary license to inject. Upon registration this information will be requested.


Join the Staff of two powerhouse medical spas, Elite Medspa & Wellness founded by Joelle Lieman, MD and Glo Derma founded by Amy Birkenstamm, RN, CANS, to learn how to effectively assist Aesthetic providers in all aspects of the patient journey. From taking photos, preparing the room for injectable, thread and energy device treatments, charting, and conducting post-procedure followup, you will learn from two clinics who are high-volume and known for producing optimal outcomes with a patient-centered approach. This course is ideal for those transitioning to Aesthetics or those ready to take the next step and begin a career in medical assisting.

Join injection experts Brittony Croasdell, FNP-BC, APRN and Shelby Miller, DNP, FNP-C for an intensive masterclass focused on the upper face. Brittony and Shelby will lecture and demonstrate their approach for correcting tear trough deformities as well as safe and effective methods for correcting the upper face with filler and toxin. In addition, they will cover potential complications and the protocols for addressing each.

Join Audrey Rose, NP and Erika Barry, NP-C for a 90 minute workshop focused on all things semaglutide! They wll cover how to build and introduce a program into your practice, treatment dosage, setting expectations and more. If you are considering adding on a weight loss program or you have started one and want to grow it, this is a can’t miss course from 2 experts who’ve found tremendous success in their respective practices.

Join 4 veteran trainers for a hands-on workshop where you get to inject! This workshop is ideal for Injectors who are 2 years or less into their aesthetic career and who are eager for new techniques, coaching and feedback. Learners will go through a didactic portion to start the course then break out into small groups of 4-5 where they will work with Faculty to assess and treat patients with various indications. Attendees must have a TX license, compact license or have secured a temporary license to inject. After registration this information will be requested.

This workshop is designed for injectors 2 years into practice or less and will review the foundational and must-have skills for every new injector. Topics include: Leveraging neurotoxin to build your practice, maximizing toxin dilutions, dealing with toxin complications, creating the ideal lip, facial balancing & harmonization with filler, using nerve blocks for patient comfort, identifying & treating vascular occlusions, filler rheology & product selection, the importance of charting and proper B&As, and so much more! This workshop will be presented by 9 faculty and tailored specifically for newer injectors. This will be an interactive course and an opportunity to meet and forge relationships with other new injectors in the same cohort.

Join renowned trainers and injection experts, Erika Barry, NP-C, MSN and Waseem Garbia, PA-C for an in-depth training on the latest updates to the 8-point lift. Erika’s perspective is rooted in the geometry of the face, and she’s mastered the act of creating structure based on the individual planes and sections that make up each area. Her 8-point lift has become one of the gold standards for full face rejuvenation, and she’s back with Waseem to share how the technique has changed to incorporate more emphasis on reducing the appearance of submental fat and jowls. Waseem is a certified Master Injector and National Certified Aesthetic Injector, and he’s an innovator focused on real talk and real results. His motto, “Don’t change, enhance,” is indicative of his injection approach. Erika and Waseem are teaming up to take attendees through a MasterClass complete with lecture, live demonstrations and audience Q&A.

If you are interested in learning PDO threads or are ready to take your skills to the next level, this MasterClass is taught by some of the country’s most celebrated thread experts. Scott Callahan, PA-C and Gideon Kwok, DO will set the stage with an overview of Patient selection, building a treatment, plan, choosing the right threads, and setting expectations. They will showcase their approaches via live demonstration, and from there, attendees will break out into small groups with thread experts Lori Robertson, FNP-C, Shelby Miller, DNP, FNP-C, TJ Tsay, MD, Jessica Manges, ARNP, Jacob Sanchez, Jessie Cheung, MD, Lyris Verdura-Dominic, APRN, MSN, FNP-BC, Pawnta Abrahimi, RN, and Tabasum Mir, MD for patient assessment and demonstrations. Faculty will perform live procedures, but attendees with a Texas license will have the opportunity to participate as well!

Join two of the most respected trainers in the industry, Julie Bass Kaplan, FNP-C and Audrey Rose, NP for a deep dive into correcting and enhancing the lower third. Throughout this workshop they will share didactic information and showcase various techniques via live demo. Areas of focus will include jowls, jawline, chin, marionette lines, and more! As jawline and chin become an high-demand procedures, you’ll benefit from a closer look at optimal correction and the missteps to avoid that result in non- natural looking outcomes.

Join 2021 & 2022 Aesthetic Award winner for UK Independent Training Provider of the Year, Plastic Surgeon and Director of Acqusition Aesthetics, Priyanka Chadha, MBBS, DPMSA, MRCS, MSc. Dr. Chadha has presented her layering technique on the biggest podiums in the world, and she’s bringing it to the US for the first time! As a Plastic Surgeon, she’s an expert in facial anatomy, and as a global KOL for Galderma and clinical investigator, she’s also a master of injectables and an award-winning trainer. In this course, she will present and demonstrate her technique for utilizing the patient’s anatomical layers to place product throughout those layers to create a natural, long-lasting result. This technique is a revolutionary shift from the typical injection approach and will provide injectors with a new tool to produce optimal outcomes.

Join some of the most used PLLA trainers in the country for an in-depth look at injection technique, protocols and live demonstrations with PLLA. This foursome has trained thousands of Practitioners on building the foundation of great Patient outcomes by starting with a biostimulator first. This workshop will cover every aspect of full face correction (temples, jawline, cheeks, marionettes, preauricular area) and neck rejuvenation. Whether you are an advanced PLLA user or are just getting started, you’ll walk away with new pearls and techniques to elevate your results

Join holistic wellness experts, Aesthetic providers, and Reikki masters, Josh Davis, RN, BSN and Mikaela Maclean, LE, for an indepth look at alternative modalities for treating the whole patient beyond aesthetic services. Attendees will learn through a combination of didactic and hands-on experiences and will leave with a certification in Reikki.

Join Josh Davis, RN, BSN (aka Tox Josh) for a workshop that takes your neurotoxin practice to a whole new level! Josh will be covering the therapeutic aspects of neurotoxin injections including dosing, trigger point identification, injection techniques for various areas of the body, cost model, and insurance or FSA reimbursement. Attendees will have the opportunity for hands-on injection training if they have the applicable state license (TX license, temporary license, compact license). For those who cannot perform hands-on treatments, don’t worry! There will plenty of opportunities for you to assist with identifying the areas of concern and working hand-in-hand with those performing injections! This is the first workshop of it’s kind at Aesthetic Next and can provide you with not only a new revenue stream with the option of insurance reimbursement but a holistic approach for treating your patients needs beyond aesthetics.

Join Esthetician and Facialist Mackenzie Robert and dive into cleansing and massage techniques to upgrade and master your pre and post care experience. In this workshop you’ll be able to practice prepping the skin and performing therapeutic post care with tactical tools to take home with you. No more washing faces…it’s time to cleanse! Learn and practice therapeutic hands on gems to add to your clinical setting to enhance your treatments and grow your confidence in cleansing and facial/cranial massage while we’re at it.

Join four expert faculty as they present multiple techniques for using biostimulators for body indications. If your practice is currently utilizing biostimulators for the face and neck, this course will provide you with an additional opportunity to treat patients in a whole new way with the modalities you are already using. Faculty will lecture and demonstrate using CaHa, PLLA, PRF/PRP and allograft adipose matrix to treat cellulite, buttocks, knees, chest, breast, stomach and more. They will also address how you can utilize biostimulators to correct abnormalities caused from surgical procedures (liposuction, breast implants, etc.) If you’re ready to expand beyond the face or just want more option for your body treatments, this workshop is a great place to start!

Learn the basics of ultrasound for safe injection practices with Dani Sher, PA-C, one of only a handful of accredited Ultrasound trainers in the industry. In this 2.5-hour course, Dani will show you the basics of ultrasound with a focus on practical applications and how to apply this powerful modality that can help minimize complications and improve overall injection outcomes. You will leave with a general understanding of:

• Differentiating fat, vessels, and bone appearance on ultrasound
• How to hold and visualize using a handheld ultrasound
• Targeting structures with a needle and a cannula on ultrasound using phantoms
• Vascular mapping for filler injections

Join renowned ultrasound expert, Dr. Stella Desyatnikova, for a course designed to help you leverage the power of ultrasound technology for non-emergent complications. Ultrasound is well established as an ideal tool in the case of a vascular occlusion, but it can be put to use for identifying complications far beyond VOs! Dr. Stella will cover her approach for finding nodules, filler lumps, malar edema and more. During this course, attendees will work in small groups to gain hands-on experience with scanning for and identifying these less urgent complications. If you own an ultrasound device or are deciding whether to move forward with bringing one into your practice, this course will give you a new set of tools to capitalize on your investment and provide more robust treatment options for your patients.


If you are a female entrepreneur experiencing the internal tug of war of growing a successful business while balancing the emotional and physical energy that this kind of success requires, you’re not alone.There is a common inflection point for successful entrepreneurs where the hustle model of growth that stimulated success to a certain point, can in fact become the achilles heel for a female leader whose business and team needs her to evolve into a strategic thinking, visionary CEO

This is where a new model for growth is required. Reimagine a business where exponential growth is possible without requiring more time, energy, and hands-on service delivery of its owner. Learn this new framework through the scale philosophy roadmap for female entrepreneurs.

In this workshop be prepared to:

  • Master the mindset to elegantly scale your business in alignment with your own definition of success
  • Identify practical ways to generate income in your business beyond working more hours
  • Distinguish your brand as a category of one through a well defined mission, vision, and values
This will be a high touch, interactive workshop. We will be providing you with a comprehensive resource guide, PDFs, guide posts, and tools to take back to your business so you are ready to transform into the leader who is ready to lead her business to its next level.

Ready to grow your Medspa and accrue more profits along the way? Join the Financial Experts from Maven Financial & learn:

  • How to organize and assess your financial statements to understand what levers you should be pulling on;
  • The two best ways to increase your revenue and your profit – and how to apply it in your practice;
  • What you should be tracking and how to measure for success; and
  • How to budget and make critical financial decisions based on performance.

Join Founder & CEO of Aesthetic Conversion, Jared Rohrer, for a in-depth look at making Google your marketing ally. Aesthetic Conversion is a web-agency exclusively focused on the Aesthetic industry. With nearly a decade of experience in the industry working with the biggest names in Aesthetics, Jared has a keen understanding of the unique needs of the industry, and he works day-to-day with Practices all across the country to improve their SEO, leverage the power of Google and get more leads through the conversion process to fully booked appointments, From key words to website schema to local listing information, if you are a practice owner, administrator or marketing person, this course is an impactful 90 minutes that can pay unlimited dividends long term!

The medical aesthetics industry has grown significantly in recent years, with more and more people seeking non-surgical cosmetic treatments to enhance their appearance. As a result, there is a growing need for skilled professionals who can lead and manage medical aesthetic practices.This comprehensive workshop delivered by Yvonne Dellos, NP, Founder & CEO of Medical Aesthetic Arts Institute and Justin Marti, Esq. , is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to become a successful medical director. Whether you are a seasoned medical professional or a newcomer to the field, this course will provide you with the insights and practical tools you need to take your career to the next level.

Join Aesthetic marketing expert, Founder & CEO of Diamond Accelerator, Katlin Cauffman, for a actionable course that will amplify your marketing efforts and help you drive leads and revenue. This course will provide attendees with strategies for developing their annual marketing plan (including a free template), ways to generate higher quality leads and nurture them to conversion, planning a successful event and an overview of low-cost in office marketing tools and ideas to drive growth.

This workshop is designed for new Practice Managers and Owners to accelerate the learning curve of leading a medical aesthetic practice. Led by 8 experienced faculty, it will cover branding your business and establishing your mission, vision and values, the foundational aspects you need in place from Day #1 for future growth and scale, effectively engaging patients to build a long-term retention strategy, the “block and tackling” of managing a practice day to day and tools you can start using the minute you get home, a close look at procedures and profitability and how that impacts scheduling, the legal and compliance aspects of owning a med spa, and creating a million dollar business through effective marketing, social media, and lead management. This will be an intensive crash course delivered by those who have walked the same path and learned the tough lessons along the way so you don’t have to!

In 2023, it takes more than an Instagram account to market and scale an Aesthetic Clinic. The “Black Belt” approach to digital marketing offers a more strategic, diversified, approach to digital marketing, mapped to the stages of the typical Patient Journey, encompassing an omnichannel approach via Social Media, Google, Websites, Content and Automated Campaigns.This Marketing MasterClass will be led by Rick O’Neill, a digital consultant to the medical aesthetics, cosmetic surgery and pharma sectors with over 20 years experience in digital marketing. Rick is the founder and owner of the award winning digital agency LTF based at Silverstone Race Circuit in the UK. He has a deep knowledge of Digital Marketing, Social Media, UX and Digital Development. A founding partner of The Aesthetic Entrepreneurs, investor and advisor to many other digital businesses, Rick is also currently Digital Consultant UK & Europe to Merz Aesthetics.Rick will walk through the changing landscape of digital marketing for Aesthetic clinics, and why now more than ever – this diversified approach, featuring Rick’s 5 critical “Digital Building Blocks”, is critical to reduce risk, increase return on investment, and unlock scale for your aesthetic clinic.


This course is designed to make you a better, safer, and more efficient injector by utilizing cadaver anatomy. All levels of injectors can benefit from this course which includes a thorough knowledge of anatomy and focus on injection techniques. This unique course will focus on injection anatomy, danger-zones, safer-zones, and how to utilize anatomy to your advantage. This course will include an in depth look at layers, effects of aging, positioning of the skull, and more. We will include a master dissection, and small group guided hands-on dissections, cadaver injections, and so much more led by experienced faculty at each table! This course is perfect for the beginner through advanced level injectors as it covers essential anatomy knowledge while applying advanced techniques, being respective of facial layers and depths of injection, and dissecting post-injection to understand actual product placement. The ultimate goal is to transfer this gained anatomical knowledge to live patient injections and improve outcomes in your practice.

This course will focus on more complex areas of injection, including: temples, forehead, nose, pyriform fossa, and tear trough – the areas that understandably intimidate most injectors! There will be an in-depth anatomical dissection and discussion of these high-risk areas, focusing on injection techniques to prevent complications. This course is recommended for those who have taken anatomy courses before or are well versed on anatomical structures. If you take the morning course and want to achieve more in-depth anatomical knowledge of the high-risk areas, this course is also recommended. If you are injecting high-risk areas, this course will provide the additional perspective you need to feel more confident in delivering optimal outcomes in a safe & effective manner.